Nervous System Self Regulation Tools

6 Tools you can use right now and daily to help you regulate your nervous system. 

Feel overwhelmed, like you can't relax, like life is coming really fast and you need a break? Feeling overly anxious, agitated or exhausted? Want to up the REAL self care? Check out these tools to give yourself that break you need. 

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Zoom Fatigue got You Down? 

Find tips to combat the technology fatigue and ways to self regulate while at work, working from home, or on the go. 

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Tips for Sensory Regulation 

In times of extreme stress and uncertainty we all can use our senses to bring some regulation or equilibrium to our lives. The point of these exercises is to learn how your body best process and relates to different senses and sensations so you can have tools to use when you feel off balance, stuck, scrolling social media, upset, unable to feel like yourself. Pick one and try it! Pay attention to what is happening inside the body as you engage the experiences. Try them all! 

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Becoming Trauma Aware is the first step toward having a Trauma Informed Perspective 


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